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Sinus Lifts

Sinus Elevation Surgery

Patients upper left and right jaw bone tends to be a softer type of bone, and there is less bone height naturally than other areas of the mouth due to the sinuses, specifically the maxillary sinus cavities.

These are located above the back upper teeth, and below the bones that support the cheeks and lower eye sockets.

Sinus elevations (lifts) make it possible for patients to increase the height and width of available bone, thus increasing the likelihood that implants can be placed to either replace teeth in this area, or to be used for anchors of partial or full upper dentures.

Sinus lifts can be done in two distinct ways. If there is almost enough bone to complete implants, then a “sinus bump” surgery can be completed. This is when bone grafting can be completed using the holes from the implants, and bone can be placed to “bump” or push the sinus slightly upward adding bone to the top of the implant and making it more secure.

The surgery tends to have minimal complications, and can be very affective for patients that are lacking bone naturally.

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